Always FRESH, never frozen

Our Meal Program Philosophy

DeliverLean CARE meals are always FRESH and never frozen. Designed by a team of gourmet chefs and registered dietitians, our senior meals are made from scratch, full of flavor, and contain the highest quality premium ingredients. Plus, our senior meal program uses state of the art packaging that locks in freshness without the need for added preservatives. Our senior meal menus are designed to provide a healthful pattern of a variety of foods, full of vibrant colors and nutrients. Our senior meal program options are carb-controlled, low-sodium, and can benefit anyone with special nutritional needs or certain chronic health conditions. Experience the joy of nutritionally balanced, home cooked meals delivered to your door.
  • Grounded in nutrition
  • Dietitian approved
  • Low-Sodium
  • Carbohydrate-controlled
  • High quality, whole ingredients
  • Fresh, never frozen
  • Prepared by gourmet chefs
  • USDA / FDA certified commercial kitchen
  • Industry compliant food safety regulations
*Senior meal program menus designed following evidenced-based guidelines and recommendations issued by the Food & Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, National Academy Sciences.
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