Low Sodium Meal Plans


A 2 g Sodium Diet is designed to support heart health and regulate blood pressure, as well as improve breathing and reduce fluid retention. A low sodium diet is appropriate for long-term use and provides adequate energy, macronutrients, and micronutrients. Our low-sodium meal plan consists of no more than 2,000 mg of sodium per day and less than 660 mg of sodium per meal.

Low Sodium Meal Plans


Our low-sodium meal plan is highly recommended to those who struggle with heart health. While sodium is needed to maintain the balance of fluid in the body, an excess amount of sodium could lead to a dangerous increase of fluid around the heart and lungs. When extra fluid surrounds two of our most important organs, it causes them to work faster and increases your blood pressure.

Adults with borderline high to high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, kidney disease, or those with signs of swelling may benefit the most from restricting sodium intake, depending on their clinical status. To care for and regulate our customer’s intake of sodium, we provide meals low in salt content to help prevent signs of heart disease and other conditions.

Our Meals

 Grounded in nutrition
  Dietitian approved
  High quality, whole ingredients

  Fresh, never frozen
  Prepared by gourmet chefs
  USDA / FDA certified commercial kitchen
  Industry compliant food safety regulations