Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Organizations
Our programs are designed for health insurance providers, hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations to provide their members or patients with expedited nutrition to support proper recovery.

For Healthcare Organizations

Our meals support nutritional needs to regain health, independence, and improve their health outcomes.

1 in 3 admitted hospital patients are malnourished. If left untreated, 2 in 3 patients’ nutrition status declines during their hospital stay. Patients with a high risk of malnutrition can have difficulty buying groceries, symptoms of depression, or difficulty eating. With the convenience of ready-prepared, chef designed, and dietitian approved meals, we can overcome these barriers, support proper nourishment, and maximize recovery.


Members can experience many benefits by joining a meal delivery service after a hospital stay.  Research on home-delivered meals shows members have:

  1. A better diet quality and more nutrients
  2. Less anxiety about what to eat
  3. Less chances of a hospital readmission
  4. More support for the freedom to remain at home

Our Programs Consist of:

  • Chronic Care Meals
  • Post-Discharge Meals
  • Private Pay Meals

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Caregivers and Individuals

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