Chronic Care Meals

Chronic Care Meals

Chronic Care Meal Delivery

People with chronic conditions can benefit from eating delicious meals that also meet their condition-specific nutrition criteria. Our home delivery makes it easy and convenient for anyone who may be challenged by shopping, preparing and enjoying meals that are most appropriate for their chronic conditions.

At DeliverLean CARE, we strive to create revolutionary change through the convenience of delivering delicious, ready to eat, healthy meals. Our impact is made for those who have a hard time shopping or preparing balanced meals that fit their condition specific nutritional needs.

Our Care Meals serve as a tool to overcome these barriers and establish a diet that supports proper nourishment to help maximize recovery.

Certain chronic health conditions may be covered by your health insurance provider and you may be eligible to receive complimentary meals as a benefit. Consult with your health insurance carrier to see if you may qualify for meals covered by insurance.

How DeliverLean Care Meals Can Help

Our Service Team

  • Our expert team of culinary professionals and registered dietitians provide high quality, properly portioned meals, freshly made, nutritionally balanced meals all with a 14 day shelf life.
  • Our Customer Care Team supports nutritional interventions around the time of hospitalization, including nutrition delivery, education, counseling, and coordination of care.
  • Our Logistics Teams hand deliver meals to the members’ homes.
  • Access to full nutritional analysis of all meals
  • USDA / FDA certified commercial kitchen with industry compliant food safety regulations
  • HIPPA compliant Customer Care Team

Our Focus on Nutrition Needs

  • Developed by Registered Dietitians to meet the unique nutrient requirements of senior adults.
  • Designed to meet or exceed the recommended nutrition guidelines for seniors.
  • Accompanied by complete nutrient analysis of each meal as well as an overall analysis for each weekly package.We do all the shopping.

Our Delicious Meals

  • High-quality meals are prepared by culinary experts. Our executive chef adds flavor and flair to familiar foods that appeal to the generation of consumers we serve. Better taste means seniors will eat and have better health outcomes.
  • Over 60 fresh frozen and shelf-stable meals available.
  • We offer meals that are heart healthy and diabetic-friendly.
  • Meals are prepared in USDA-inspected and approved facilities. An independent USDA inspector is onsite during all meal preparation to ensure proper procedures are used for food safety.

6 Condition Specific Meal Plans

General Wellness

Our Meals

  • Grounded in nutrition
  • Dietitian approved
  • Low-Sodium
  • Carbohydrate-controlled
  • High quality, whole ingredients
  • Fresh, never frozen
  • Prepared by gourmet chefs
  • USDA / FDA certified commercial kitchen
  • Industry compliant food safety regulations

Ease of Use

  • Rapid enrollment and accelerated delivery (within 48 hours from receipt of order)
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Condition specific meal solutions to support recovery

Food Safety

  • USDA Certified Kitchen
  • State of the art vacuum sealed packaging keeps meals extra fresh
  • Thermally regulated insulated cooler bags and boxes
  • Delivered fresh not frozen
  • Allergen disclosure
  • Full nutritional panels

Post Discharge Meal Program


Senior Meal Delivery Program

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