Senior nutrition program

5 Ways to Help Seniors Eat Better

Senior nutrition program

How to Create a Better Senior Nutrition Program

Lack of access to nutritious foods can be a real and relevant concern for many seniors as well as their loved ones and caretakers. With COVID-19 remaining a primary public health crisis, these concerns are only magnified. 

Common difficulties with visiting grocery stories for our aging neighbors include transportation to and from the store, moving around the aisles, carrying heavy bags, shopping within a fixed budget, and, in some cases, limited nutritional knowledge. Here, you can see why packaged, processed, and unhealthy foods that are simple to store in a freezer and heat later appear appealing. 

However, these foods do not support a healthy lifestyle and offer little nutritional value. There is a clear need for better senior nutrition programs that tangibly serve their needs. 

Here are some tips to help create a better and more enjoyable senior nutrition program. 

Consult with a Doctor or Nutritionist

Seniors often foster deep trust with their doctors and other care providers, such as nutritionists. These professionals will have detailed information and deep insight into the best care options and can offer dietary advice that supports a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life. 

For example, if a senior has a pre-existing or chronic condition such as high blood pressure, a doctor or nutritionist can help plan a low sodium diet that supports healthy bodily function. Having a roadmap for the senior nutrition journey will better equip you to create a program that actually benefits the person beyond satisfying hunger. 

Prioritize Healthy Foods 

Everyone loves to have a piece of candy, a hearty dinner, and some processed food every now and then. These foods can be both tasty and convenient to prepare. However, everything should be done in moderation, and moderation can be less flexible for some in the senior population. 

For many, being told to “eat healthier” is associated with giving up delicious food and consuming bland, tasteless meals for the sake of living longer. It feels like giving up what you love and settling for something you do not enjoy nearly as much. 

By creating a senior nutrition program, you can overcome these common, negative perceptions of healthier food options by allowing loved ones to visualize their meals. Incorporating fresh, whole foods into one’s diet can not only taste incredible but also offer many health and lifestyle benefits like increased nutritional intake, better digestion, and supporting proper organ function. 

Add Variety 

Some people are content with eating the same meals every day, while many others prefer variety. Ask your aging loved one what they like to eat, how much variety they enjoy in their diets, and take this information into account. When creating a meal plan with your care providers and a meal delivery service, you can use this information to not only ensure a senior will enjoy their food but willingly eat it as well. 

Bring the Meals to Your Seniors 

As our bodies age, mobility can become a serious challenge for many. Even active, competitive athletes may find themselves moving with a walker or wheelchair later in life. With our aging neighbors, bringing high-quality meals to them can make a lasting impact on their overall health. 

Working with a meal delivery service can allow our seniors to eat better while maintaining much of their valued autonomy. This eliminates difficult grocery store trips from the equation while providing a restaurant-quality meal experience. 

Work with a Senior Meal Delivery Service

At DeliverLean Care we partner with chefs and licensed nutritionists to develop and deliver delicious hot meals for seniors with high nutritional value to promote better, healthier living for our aging neighbors. Our team will work with you to create a meal program that your loved one will both enjoy look forward to; all without any prep, cooking, or trips to the grocery store. The best part? Most of our customers, on average, save money thanks to our nutrition-optimized portion sizing approach that results in less food waste. 

To learn more about our senior nutrition programs, please contact our team anytime.

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