DeliverLean CARE Signs Agreement with Humana and CarePlus Health Plans to Provide Post-Discharge Meals to Medicare Advantage Members in Florida Share Article

This is just the latest project in DeliverLean’s expansion. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Scott Harris, the company has grown at an unprecedented rate and is still expanding. De-liverLean CARE’s senior meals will address different chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease. A team of world class chefs and dietitians designed 6 specialty meal plans including General Wellness, Diabetic (Carb-Controlled), Low Sodium, Vegetarian, Pureed and Kosher. The menu items focus on transparency of ingredients and take into consideration comfort foods and the simplicity of meals for seniors. Some meals include Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna, Chimichurri Steak, Huevos Rancheros and Pan Seared Flounder.

“We’re excited to bring fresh, healthy meals to our members when they are discharged from a hospital stay,” said Alan Stewart, Humana Senior Vice President and Division Leader. “Our mis-sion is to provide whole person health care for our Medicare Advantage members and that goes beyond the care they receive in the hospital to ensure they have the support they need for a full recovery.”

DeliverLean has had national recognition being ranked the 124th fastest growing company in the nation and 8th in the national food and beverage category by Inc. 500. The company     current-ly operates out of a 60,000-square-foot USDA/FDA-certified kitchen in Hollywood, FL and em-ploys upwards of 300 people.

“Together with Humana and CarePlus Health Plans, we are focused on empowering people by giving them access to healthy, fresh food delivered to their door,” said DeliverLean CEO Scott Harris. “We’re thankful that Humana and CarePlus are taking a preventative approach and be-lieve this benefit will greatly improve many lives while helping to reduce health care costs and lower hospital readmissions.”

DeliverLean CARE is laser-focused on the healthcare market by providing convenient, healthy, fresh meals customized to patient needs without sacrificing quality or taste. The meals are deli-vered overnight directly to homes and are ready to heat and eat in under 2 minutes. DeliverLean CARE is also available to individuals, caretakers, family members or anyone worried about get-ting the proper nutrition to someone they care about. DeliverLean CARE meals are available for direct purchase at and range from $9.95 – $12.95 per meal. The company remains wholly committed to making healthy independent living accessible to the en-tire community in the State of Florida and beyond.

About DeliverLean
DeliverLean is a healthy gourmet meal delivery service who prides itself on maintain-ing the highest quality safety standards, with a focus on food quality and transparency of ingredients. With five meal plans to choose from, including Classic, Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian and Vegan, all meals range from 300-600 calories each. DeliverLean al-lows customers to choose their meals online or from their mobile app giving customers the flexibility to choose from over 150 different menu items weekly for a completely customized approach. DeliverLean also features DL GRBNGO, a line of ready to eat ‘grab and go’ meals including sandwiches, salads, and wraps, available at wholesale to hotels, airports, hospitals, and retail establishments throughout the State of Florida. DeliverLean operates out of a 60,000 SF USDA/FDA Certified commercial kitchen in Hollywood, Florida. DeliverLean was ranked 124th Fastest Growing Company on the Inc. 500 list (2015) and #8 in the nation in the Food and Beverage Category (2013).

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